Wooden or plastic windows?

Faced with the dilemma of choosing wooden windows or plastic, with no experience of the two materials, it is certain it will be hard to decide which one to choose. Before choosing you should still know some facts.


Profile frames and wooden sash windows are stiffer than plastic windows, which makes assembly of plastic windows done more carefully and its correctness is often determined by the quality of the operation of plastic windows. Stiffness of the frames and window sashes in the installed windows, both wood and plastic, is similar. Wood window frames for plastic profiles are normally a little warmer, although in the case of modern, multi-chamber windows, the differences are not large. In addition, remember that the percentage of window frames in relation to the entire surface of the window is relatively small, by using the same glass used in windows of both wood and plastic however, does not affect significantly the deterioration of thermal insulation around the windows.


Virtually all types of plastic windows can be made ​​in the color and structure of imitates the illusion of natural wood, and in addition, both the color and texture profiles can be different from the outside and the other inside (e.g. imitation of wood from the outside and white inside).


From the point of view of ecology also plastic windows have a definite advantage because they do not destroy the forest, the green lung of humanity, and the basic raw materials for their production are the salt and waste from the refining of crude oil. In addition, at present, almost all production waste plastic profiles and the old, used plastic windows are used for re-processing.


Price of plastic windows is usually much cheaper than wooden windows. At the same functional parameters (i.e. using the same hardware and glass), wooden windows made ​​of good quality wood, properly dried, well bonded and knotless moreover, suitably protected and covered with a high quality coating just needs to be and is much more expensive than even the best plastic windows.

Plastic windows are practically maintenance-free and window frames practically do not change color in the long term (in the case of leading profile systems). Even the best wooden windows lose their gloss after some time and after many years each paint or varnish flakes off and gradually spatters. In this case, it is necessary to labor-intensive and costly removal of many layers of paint coatings and re-covering the windows with appropriate varnish coatings, starting from impregnation, through primer and topcoat layers.
From the point of view of fire protection, plastic windows are undoubtedly safer than wooden windows, because plastic does not spread fire and is self-extinguishing, which can not be said about wood covered with many layers of paint or varnish.

In conclusion, the prevalence of plastic windows over wood is unquestionable. Plastic windows are certainly no worse, and certainly much cheaper than wooden windows. Apart from that, everything else is a matter of taste.