We offer WINDOWS manufactured from Salamander profiles in the Brügmann system: bluEvolution 73 AD / AD Arte, bluEvolution 82 MD and HST system for large-size windows. The bluEvolution systems ensure an unrivaled value of the thermal transmission coefficient Uf = 1.0 for windows in the standard version. This advantage is decisive especially in connection with modern, warm windows and thermal reinforcements. In the production of windows, we use MACO fittings

Brügmann bluEvolution 73 AD

Window profiles of the Brügmann bluEvolution 73 system meet the requirements of every, even the most demanding customer, and will be used in the most modern window arrangement. Their smooth surfaces facilitate the care of windows and ensure their long life. The multi-chamber structure prevents the creation of thermal bridges, which reduces energy costs. Well thought-out profile construction, with the additional use of steel reinforcements, guarantees reliable joinery stability and additional security of the house against burglary.

    • five-chamber profile
    • gasket
    • depth: 73 mm
    • up to Uw = 0,80 W/(m²K)
    • Soundproofing: up to 46 dB
    • Anti-burglary protection: for RC 2
    • Application: pivoting, tilting, tilt and turn windows, patio doors, workshop doors, folding doors and sliding and tilting doors

Brügmann bluEvolution 82MD

Future systems from Salamander. This is a series of Brügmann bluEvolution profiles with a depth of 82 mm. It combines excellent energy savings and innovative sealing technology at the highest level. Suitable as an element for passive houses. Thanks to the use of specially optimized frame and sash designs with a thermally improved edge and insulating combination, triple glazing – we get a reduced heat loss. This has a positive effect on your wallet!

    • six-chamber profile
    • middle seal
    • depth: 82 mm
    • up to Uw = 0,71 W/(m2K)
    • Glazing: up to 52 mm as standard, with a reduced gasket up to 54 mm
    • Soundproofing: up to 47 dB
    • Anti-burglary protection: for RC 2
    • Application: window, swivel, tilt and turn windows, entrance, workshop and sliding-tilt doors

Brügmann profiles are available in many color versions, from wood-like veneers to modern gray and graphite. The walls of colored profiles are colored in bulk.

Profiles for sliding doors – HST

HST System

The HTS system is designed for the production of large sliding doors. Type: patio, balcony and terrace. This system is equipped with wheels moving on guides.

The possibility of making doors with a maximum width of up to 6 m using windows: ordinary, energy-saving, safe, anti-burglary and other.

The HST door system gives space and a pleasant atmosphere to every room. It does not matter if it is a balcony, veranda or terrace: with one move, without much effort, we can move from inside the room to the zone of domestic relaxation. Steel reinforcements ensure maximum stability and long product life. The statically balanced construction takes care of the extremely light run of the sash and guarantees efficient functioning, while maintaining all the properties of thermal and acoustic insulation.

    • frame depth: 172 mm
    • the depth of the wing. 76 mm
    • up to Ud = 0.77 W / (m²K) (with thermally separated steel)
    • Size: 4,80 x 2,50 m
    • Glazing: up to 48 mm
    • Anti-burglary protection: for RC 2