KRISPOL GARAGE DOORS give a sense of security and stability. KRISPOL offers all types of garage doors that are available on the market: segmented, roll-up and tilting. These are proven solutions, widely used in housing construction.

A durable gate must be made of properly durable materials. This is obvious and that is why the sections of KRISPOL garage doors are made of galvanized steel sheets coated with polyester. The thickness of their walls is 0.5 or 0.7 mm. The filling of the section is a foam-free polyurethane foam layer providing good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Sectional doors are individuality and modernity at your fingertips. These are the most-selected gates with a high standard, guaranteeing comfort and convenience as well as excellent thermal insulation. Made for demanding clients, they allow to create innovative and unique architectural solutions.

  • they open vertically upwards, under the ceiling – connected segments, are guided on rolls along guides – this ergonomic solution makes the space inside the garage as large as possible, and there is no need for additional space to open and close the garage before the garage
  • they can be operated manually or automatically – in each of these cases the operation is simple and safe
  • they are well protected – equipped with simple and reliable mechanical anti-burglary systems – lock and bolt
  • they ensure good thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the fact that they are made of 40 mm thick segments filled with polyurethane foam, and a permanent sealing system is installed around the gate’s surface